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  • Ms. Lauryn Hill Performed For Yall

    Ok, how do I begin? So we went to see Ms. Lauryn Hill at the Keswick Theater right outside of Philadelphia on March 28th. I’m not writing a review about this Lauryn Hill concert. I’ll just give you my honest take on things. Ms. Lauryn Hill is an incredible talent but you already knew that. You know the history also; she’s an awesome musician, singer and rapper, released one solo album in 1998 that’s still receiving accolades and breaking records in this very year of 2015. However, Ms. Hill has totally missed the mark on the artist and fans relationship and here’s why. 

    Lauryn Hill of course comes to every show late; we expect this by now because she’s notorious for it. She wasn’t four hours late this time but just shy of two. And as the lights dim and she takes her seat and begins to strums a guitar along with her band a melody begins that you want to be familiar with, you’re so excited at this point! Is it Everything Is Everything?” is it Doo Wop? no… it’s not. You don’t know this song, you’ve never heard it. Now you think to yourself maybe its new, maybe it’s a cover because a few folks are singing along, they must be mega-fans and you’ve not reached that level so you relax and enjoy the opening number and wait for the next song to begin. Ten whole songs later you still have no clue what the hell this woman is singing; did you buy the wrong album? Was there a deluxe version you missed out on? NO. Ms. Lauryn Hill does what she damn well pleases and doesn’t perform anything you are familiar with and now you along with many others are up out your seat but not dancing, back at the bar because you aint’ missing nothing but another drink at this point.

    This is the night summed up… I think it’s a huge mistake for an artist to do an entire set of unpopular or not widely known music, especially when you only have one album out… also doesn’t help when it’s over 15 years since its release. Granted The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is old, it is a masterpiece and fans want THAT. Instead we got “The Narcissism of Lauryn Hill” which doesn’t feel like an “artists decision" to change the show but more of an IDGAF and this is what I want to do. Now, I will say this, the show was far from bad. Musically excellent, the band was phenomenal, but you have to please the supporters who are putting money in your pockets. When the first song the audience responds to collectively, more than half way into the show is "All Falls Down" That's absolutely terrible. This was never released as a single and her cut never made Kanye West’s final version, it’s a clear that the audience was desperate for familiarity at this point.

    I'll give you this to take away; a music lover or musician would absolutely love the set. But an average fan who just wanted to hear a familiar tune, dissect the lyrics or see the woman who actually sang the song you’ve been belting into your hair brush in front of the mirror for the past decade perform it live, you'd probably leave upset and unfulfilled. A show that has no opening acts and starts at "9" but actually quarter to 11, with a body of music you aren't familiar with, unidentifiable covers of known singles or "classics" feels like a letdown. 

    Now I'll chew on some of my words if this would at all discourage you from actually going to see Ms. Lauryn Hill live because that is not my intent or mission with this. The woman is indeed a musical genius. I don’t know if it's the decision to not conform to what the masses want and remain true to her artistic truth or just rebel but the show put on two hours late is well worth the wait, it’s just not fan friendly. Ms. Lauryn Hill might as well have been a new artist showcasing new music, but go and have an open Mind or be disappointed. I was confused.  

    photo by Wei Shi

  • Rihanna Season Approaching

    Frida Kahlo, I mean Rihanna is gearing up for her moment in world domination once again so get familiar with the Hashtag #R8 because soon and very soon it. will. be. everywhere. It's a nod to Rihanna's eighth studio album due sometime this year and the buzz has begun. New music and promo pics are beginning to surface, slowly of course, it’s the PR way to go if you aren't Beyoncé. After the release of "FourFiveSeconds" early in the year and the performance of the song on the Grammy awards a couple weeks later, Hip-Hop Mogul Kanye West revealed that he would be executive producing the Pop Star's new album, which of course caused the anticipation to grow even more.

    So in the early morning hours of March 26th the “Talk That Talk” singer released snippets of her newest single “Bitch Better Have My Money”, which sounds like a good time if you ask me! We found a few but this is the fav "click here"  if you want to hear it; hopefully it’s still up by the time you read this. Rihanna’s been on an upward slope of success over the years but has always had the criticism of her work ethic and vocals following her along the way. It seems as if she's now aware or maybe cares enough now to actually shut the critics up, at least for this album anyway and I’ll take that!

    So I said all of this to say, wait on it... This album has potential to be one of her biggest moments to date and we're biting our fingernails. 

    UPDATE: Listen to the full track below

    New Music: Rihanna – “Bitch Better Have My Money” (prod. by Deputy) (Explicit)

    Full explicit via Xclusives Zone





  • The Roots Picnic 2015

    It’s that time again...  The 8th annual Roots Picnic will be Saturday May 30th at Philadelphia’s Festival Pier. Of course the lineup is packed with awesomeness but we're really looking forward to the incomparable E.Badu and A$AP Rocky. #JustBeingHonest 

    Check the lineup below

    image: okayplayer

  • The Return of The Hummingbird

    This past weekend some the crew here at Parvenu decided to attend a show put on by the amazingly beautiful and extremely talented singer Tweet. Tweet has faded in the background of the music scene for the past couple of years; I chose my words wisely in saying faded because she hasn’t totally disappeared as some may think. Having released an EP "Simply Tweet" in 2013 and lending her vocals to other musicians and singers in the industry doing features, she'd taken a back seat and was only seen if you were looking for her. 

    If you’ve ever taken a listen to Tweets music it’s easy to identify her soul. The music is a representation of truth and emotion from the perspective of a vulnerably honest woman experiencing love and life. We’re used to her being an open book so when The Southern Hummingbird took a break for years with no explanation it left her fans confused and she’s been missed terribly, however... The return is in the making and one of the first steps taken was to gather a clan of fans in an intimate setting at the Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia and put on a show, remind us why we fell in love with her the first time.

    And if you’re like us and want to know what led to the break and where her head is this time around- we spoke with her the night before the gig and got all the deets! Stay tuned for that in Parvenu's upcoming third issue but take a look at the singer’s playful rendition of “Turn Da Lights Off” below. 

     Khalif M

  • Side Show at Yale

    International multi-media Artist and friend to Parvenu Mag Pamela Joseph invites you to a group show at the Yale School of Art, Side Show opening January 13, 2015. Joseph will also be participating in an all free and open to the public a panel discussion on Monday, Jan. 26 at 6:30 p.m. at 36 Edgewood Ave. The discussion will follow a performance by Coney Island Sideshows by the Seashore at 5:30 p.m, sponsored by the Traphagen Alumni Speakers Series and Yale Office of Student Affairs. 

    Side Show” presents more than 70 works by 29 artists — including Diane Arbus, Otto Dix, John Waters, and Riva Lehrer — ranging from the mid-18th century to the present. The show includes original sideshow banners, props, promotional cards, photographs, historical ephemera, and works of art inspired by circus and carnival culture from the Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG), Yale Medical School Library, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the International Center of Photography, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and private collections.

    For more information Click here