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  • Kendrick is The Power That Be


    You watch the video, listen to the song? How can you not sing along?

    I would have hated this 10 years ago. Now all I can think is “Kendrick Lamar may have saved Hip Hop”! Ok I’m being dramatic, but hear me out. Of course his latest album To Pimp a Butterfly has been the bop for a couple of weeks now; is an absolute gem, just so musically and lyrically good. I don’t want to explain it, I hope you’ve listened.

    But I am a notorious over thinker; I overanalyze everything even if it’s not voiced it’s happening in my head, so of course appreciating new music comes along with a thought or five. These particular thoughts involved the appreciation I have for Rap fans today. Isn’t it funny that Rap & Hip-Hop for the longest time was relatively coast based? I know you remember the East coast VS West coast beef with The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac but another factor not commonly discussed was also the music preference of said coasts and us just not liking their flow or styles. Most people who would listen to New York based rappers Like Jay Z and Nas would most likely not be the same who listened to West coast MC’s like Cypress Hill and Too $hort… that’s until recently. Not as recent as 3 years ago but sometime within the last decade something happened. Remember when the industry was bum rushed with the addition of southern rappers being appreciated outside of their quarters but more widespread? “down south rap” is what we coined it; artists such as Ludacris, T.I. and Nelly are prime examples of this. Nelly has been rapping since the early 90’s but didn’t take off until a decade later because we weren’t ready to let them in and by them I mean artists with his style and sound or accent for that matter.

    Granted there is much more that attributed to this growth outside of the fact that we were once close-minded consumers but reflecting on it presented an opportunity to appreciate how far we’ve come and the forever growing blurred lines of genres, artists and sound today. Give it a listen if you've not click Here to get To Pimp a Butterfly


    *sings* the yam is the power that be...