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  • Vivian Green: Get Right Back To My Baby

    Vivian Green is offering no breaks for her fans. Fresh off the fading fumes of her last album The Green Room in late 2012, Green is gearing up to release new project entitled Vivid due in the Fall of 2015. Key words here is "her fans", Viv hasn’t had the biggest success for any of her albums following her breakout effort A Love Story in 2002 but we have those artists who are in it for the love and not always the profit, they keep on pushing. Vivian Green is one of those artists who never let a setback compromise her artistry or lacks in delivery. The music is always good but a lot of us are just sleeping.  

    While her last The Green Room offered the R&B/Soul sounds and love songs we expect from the songstress, a little song called “I’m Not Prepared” venture into the Dance/Pop genre and it seems that she may be headed in that direction again with the first single from Vivid called “Get Right Back to My Baby”. Check out the visuals below shot by Celebrity photo Derek Blanks (who’s getting better at this video thing).