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  • Spotlight: Matthew Writes

    Are you too yearning to hear more male vocalist on your radio stations? We know you have CB, Trey Songz and August Alsina to sing along to but they’re kind of the same person in retrospect and… well, personally I'm a little bored. So God heard my call and in my inbox floats an email about a rising talent Mr. Matthew Writes, nice right?

    Here’s a little background on the singer, he hails from North Carolina, has been generating buzz amongst his peers and colleagues with his fusion of Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B. Following the release of his debut EP "+1: A Songwriter's EP" back in 2013, he began working with several new artists including Jason Woods, a background singer who recently performed with Beyoncé and Tiffany Stevenson, a noted background vocalist who has performed with everyone from Faith Evans to Mack Wilds! “Be Me” is said to be a prelude to a series of records he plans to release throughout the year!

    Take a listen to his Be Me below and keep up with him here.

  • Spotlight: Good Girl

    Aren’t you in the mood for another good R&B group? A new “Girl group” at that? Well we got you covered… meet Megan Nicolle, Morgan (JL), Bobbie (Courtney) and Arielle; they make up Good Girl.  

    It’s been a while since we’ve seen an all female group that’s captured our attention. I recently had the pleasure of meeting these young ladies while attending an event for songstress Syleena Johnson in Philly, their hometown. These girls hit the stage and were nothing less than amazing. All, not some but ALL of them can sing. So any question of what is it that might set these four girls apart from the rest could be their individual vocal abilities; exhibited when they went into an En Vogue cover, which gave the different members a chance to be heard individually. Proving that they all have talent [there are no filler vocals here]. The harmonies were nice and mellow, choreography on point and their set was structured perfectly.   

     So after witnessing them perform there is no question as to why they’re booked! Good Girl has been extremely busy from tree lighting ceremonies to shows in N.Y; word is spreading fast about Philly’s newest sensation. So if you want to get more familiar or a good listen to Good Girl for yourself… or Download their mixtape 90's Kinda Girl here!

    And just in time for the Holidays Listen to Perfect Christmas by the girls below.

     Tameka Nash


  • Spotlight: Amber Sauer

    Sometimes we feature newcomers that our readers are somewhat familiar with which is a good thing, but sometimes we find those hidden gems that we need to introduce you to! Miss Amber Sauer is the latest addition to that list.

    After coming across her single That’s OK (Self Talk), we’re officially on the lookout. Having a background in gospel music, singing on different choirs and also background vocals for Kelly Price has shaped her personal style and delivery into something special. The song is a breath of fresh air, its relatable and fun. We feel like Music today has been looking for something reminiscent of the days where your mother and grandmother didn’t side-eye one another when a song came on the radio. Like soul music, Soul music has always been a genre driven by emotion, sounds of joy, pain, love or anything passionate and true. No matter what’s driving it, it has to be greatly executed and believable to the audience and Amber, we believe you girl!

     That’s Ok definitely does the job in filling that void for something new but familiar to bop to. The beat is funky, vocals are flawless and production great, thanks to the one and only B-Slade (Tonex). We hope to be hearing more from Miss Sauer in the future.

     Check out the video below & get That’s OK (Self Talk) on iTunes now!

    Tameka Nash/ Photo: Amber Sauer Facebook

  • Spotlight: Mary J's London Sessions

    Mary J. Blige has always been an artist to stay on my radar for her artistry. Her albums are like period pieces in a way. I can recall the hairstyles she sported, fashions and the energy each project produced. It’s like when you think about Mike Jack’s Thriller Era and instantly recall the studded leather jacket. It’s an unspoken commitment artists make to the movement of their project, a part of the image they want us to receive.

    Mary J. does that well. Her product is well thought out... for the most part- sans the Burger King incident. So when I heard that she decided to move to London for some time to record a new project I got a little excited to see what would become. The mission was to experiment with a new sound she'd taken a liking to and play in a new genre with the help of some of the top artists and producers who are currently running that show. And while the crossover is always a big risk for artists, what does she have to lose?

    After reigning in the music biz for 20+ years now, Mary has earned a spot that she cannot be moved from. Critical evidence shows a decline in her popularity, we would be lying to say she’s not remained relevant through the many changes the music industry has encountered during her tenure and has even conformed to some. And while The Queen of R&B has hopped the pond and landed her feet in the Pop genre, it doesn’t read conformity but pretty authentic actually.

    After listening to The London Sessions signs that this may have been a project unconsciously in the making for years now appear with sounds peaking in and out of Mary’s last few efforts. Album fillers like Fade Away, What Love Is and Smoke from 2008’s The Growing Pains could easily come across as tracks left on the cutting room floor from The London Sessions with their absence of heavy bass and R&B style production that the other tracks on that project possess. Minimal instrumentation or simple arrangements move from that album and onto others like My Life II, which produced a sound similar sound with power ballads like Empty Prayers and Need Someone.

    The London Sessions is a solid effort and a testament to the importance of growth in artistry. If anything that’s what’s sold us all on Mary over the years. With the ever growing popularity of British artists and their sound taking over the airwaves, these “Sessions in London” prove to be some of the best she’s had in a long time.

     The London Sessions is available in the U.S. on Dec 2nd.

  • Remembering Oscar de la Renta

    Legendary Dominican American fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has died at the well-lived age of 82. A name that’s traveled from the white house to the red carpets around the world for decades and has had an impact for half a century of fashion is not a fashion house that would nearly fade but should live forever in the history books.

    Best known to the current generation for his red carpet gowns and eveningwear, de la Renta has done and is so much more than that. Those who are newer to Fashion culture probably wouldn’t know his history, even with some of their favorite labels like Lanvin and Balmain. Labels he’s worked for many years ago and that have recently jumped ship from their couture roots to being best known, again in this current generation as everyday wear.

    Cause of death leads towards de la Renta’s history with cancer, which he spoke about being “totally free” at The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) a year after his diagnosis.

    “Yes, I had cancer. Right now, I am totally clean. The only realities in life are that you are born, and that you die. We always think we are going to live forever. The dying aspect we will never accept. The one thing about having this kind of warning is how you appreciate every single day of life.”

    We suggest aspiring fashion minds take this opportunity to reflect and research the history that is Mr. Oscar de la Renta. We can only know where we’re going if we know where we’ve come from, right?

    May Oscar de la Renta Rest Peacefully.


  • Spotlight: Lydia Rene


    Originally from Philadelphia PA , now residing in Los Angeles CA. Lydia Rene has been plowing the ground as an independent artist for some time now.  This soulful singer just released her single Last Night on May 30, 2014 and Her EP "Vintage Heart" is set to be released Fall 2014.  Lydia René is a classically trained pianist and accomplished musician whose sound is best described as smooth out-of-the box soul. Lydia has had the opportunity to work with acclaimed producers and musicians like Burn N Bush (Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin), BAM (Lil Mama), Damon “Mr. Dizzy Fingers” Bennett (Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake), and Stan Davis (Kindred The Family Soul, Kelly Rowland, Teena Marie). She has also had the opportunity to write songs for other artists including Toni Braxton, Melanie Fiona, and Lil Mo. 

    Some may say she's has caught their attention from her awesome arrangements and covers of songs like XO from Beyonce and Wonderwall from English Rock Band Oasis.  Her covers show range and her original works show creativity and charisma from the levels of variety. With a resume like this Lydia Rene will be writing herself into the history books!

    You can check out her covers and original music on Soundcloud.


    -Tameka Nash

  • Spotlight: Chartel

    Meet Chartel, Philadelphia based singer/songwriter originally from the DMV, Chartel has shared the stage with some of your favorite artists. Performing as a background singer for BET Music Matters' artist Leah Smith, she has appeared on BET's 106th & Park, 2010 BET Honors Celebration, and numerous other stages along the East Coast. As a regular feature with jazz band, Vertical Current, Chartel has opened for Grammy Award winning Robert Glasper, and 2X Grammy Nominee Eric Roberson. In addition, she has had the honor of performing musical tributes to soul singer Carol Riddick and legendary producer James Poyser of The Roots.

    But Chartel is now ready to take center stage with the release of her debut single "Make Up Your Mind to Love"! With a sound and writing style described as 'pop-soul', it is also the charisma, charm, and vulnerability of Chartel's live performances that leaves listeners begging for more.

    I am excited to share my point of view as a songwriter with this single and music that is yet to come. I'm a very contemplative introspective person and I hope that listeners will hear that and connect with it." Of her debut single she says, "At its core, Make Up Your Mind to Love is an admittedly ambitious declaration of unwavering love for someone who hasn't quite shown the same in return...

    In 2013, she was nominated as Best New Artist in Philadelphia at the Philly Hip-Hop Awards hosted by Urban Celebrity Magazine. She is active in music education and has also graced the theatrical stage, starring in and supporting productions throughout the greater Philadelphia region. So keep an eye out and your ears open for this one! Take a listen to Make Up Your Mind to Love below and download it for later, you know, when you cant get it out of you head and want to hear it again.


  • Spotlight: Dante Kennedy

    Howard Dante K. Kennedy, born September 24th, 1987 began playing the drums at the age of 3 on pots and pans to classic Disney movies and under the tutelage of his father, a well know musician in the gospel genre. Becoming quite well known in the Philadelphia area as just a drummer he knew that he needed to break out on his own as an overall performer.

    Dante started his own Production Company "V4texx Music Group", and began to find his sound as an artist. With his unique vision, in 2007 he released an album entitled The Marriage of Rhythm and Rhymes, a project with a compilation of different artist. With hopes to expand his audience Dante began to build relationships by spreading his music locally and around the globe.

    After sharing his music with different labels and experiencing the politics of artistry Dante continuously pushed and attracted Travie McCoy's attention while on tour as a drum tech. McCoy, intrigued by his hustle then had him record in Miami at the Hit Factory and Dante joined McCoy's label "Batsquad". It was summer 2013 when Travie released Love Hate, a track with some of the members of Batsquad, Dante, AX, Siya (Sisterhood of Hip Hop) and McCoy.  This afforded him great opportunities and more motivation to continue on his path. Dante has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Queen Latifah show playing drums for McCoy but hopes to come back as an artist. 

    Currently working on a project Dante released his new single, "You Don't Belong" feat. Corey Lee, and in 24 hours, & it went Global catching attention of fans everywhere. His fan base includes Taiwan, Germany, Australia, Denmark, South America, the U.S, and more. 

    Listen to You Don’t Belong below and which is available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other online music stores.

    Story: Tameka Nash

    Photo: Khalif Moore